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Hi! I’m Arjane, a behavioral ecologist and of course blog writer. I’m from the Netherlands, where I studied both Applied Biology and Forest & Nature Conservation (the latter at Wageningen University). After doing my master’s thesis on bank vole behavior and predator odor in Finland, I decided to stay there. I’ve always done my own thing, and the (to me) adventurous move to Finland fits right into that! It’s great to meet so many new people, get accepted in the community and seeing all the respect that people from all over the world have for each other and their work. I also bump into all kinds of new creative outlets. Not only in science, but also in art and hobbies for example. I found many new interests here, like African dancing/drumming and also handicrafts. My favorite pastime is creating things from leather, like phone cases, wallets and small bags. Of course being a biologist, I also love to be outside, to go walking or hiking, or guiding kids in the nature organization I’ve been a member of since I was 14.


How I started blogging

The inspiration for me to start this blog is a great story to me on how to turn a setback into a success! I’d applied for a PhD in urban rat behavior, and I got invited to a job interview. That made me very happy, and the interview went well. We also discussed my love of writing, and the interviewer also mentioned some nature magazines to me that might be interesting for me to contact. I went home feeling satisfied with how it had gone. A while after the interview though, I got the message that they chose someone else for the position. However, I didn’t let this hold me back. I was already writing blogs for Noldus IT, and I remembered the magazines that got recommended to me. It was easy to put 1 and 1 together, and then I decided to go and start my own blog on behavioral science, and all other related things that interest me. There won’t only be articles on scientific papers, but also plenty of information for people who don’t know much yet about science and behavior, but want to learn about it. And of course there will be stuff for kids as well!

If you'd like to know anything about fluffy creatures, go read my blog. If the topic is not there yet, feel free to go and send me a request. For business inquiries, please contact me or send me a message on LinkedIn.


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